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Fantastic HubSpot Users and Where to Find Them

Posted by Pete Humes

2/1/17 4:51 PM

fbeasts.jpgThanks to everyone who came out for the first HUG Meetup of 2017!

If you couldn't make it out... hopefully we'll see you next time.

Our goal with these meetups is to help bring together inbound marketers and HubSpot users from all over Hampton Roads and build a community of digital-minded, content-focused and analytics-obsessed sales and marketing professionals.

We know there are more of you out there. Maybe you're hiding. Maybe you're afraid of your special powers. Maybe you don't want to risk standing apart from your traditional marketing and old-school advertising and PR peers.

We get it. We know what it's like to be different.

But this quarterly meetup? This is a SAFE SPACE. Come on out and let your sales and/or marketing freak flag fly. We don't hate the player OR the game. All are welcome.

Okay? Now then, here's a quick recap of the night's events...

The new digs at the Slover Library worked out great, so we'll be returning to the majestic white marbled meeting room again on April 20th!

It's the kind of room where you can imagine BIG things happening. It's the kind of room where BIG ideas are born. It's also got a totally wicked sound system.

Unfortunately, we got so caught up in pre-meetup music and serious sales & marketing conversation that no photos were taken. No video or audio was recorded. No courtroom sketches were made.

The best we can provide is a still from "Mad Men" that shows people sitting at a table:


Hopefully, you get the idea. Just imagine fewer suits, no ashtrays and a much nicer table.

A big focus for the evening was talk of HubSpot certifications and the hours and hours of FREE training available at HubSpot Academy. In short: totally worth your time.

Unsolicited Endorsement Alert: Anybody working in sales & marketing today should have the Inbound Certification under their belt. It's as easy as watching a few hours of videos followed by a short exam. Even if you don't take the test, watching the course will give you a great overview of the concept of inbound marketing and serves as the perfect introduction to what is quickly becoming an industry-standard way of thinking.

As a bonus, once you've collected some HubSpot Certifications, you're eligible for our Wall of Awesomeness.

We shared some knowledge from INBOUND16 and I remember that everybody went home with some kind of super-swanky swag.

Unfortunately, our plan to offer FREE Head Shots was thwarted by an earlier cutoff time than expected, but we will have the lights and camera set up and ready to go next time!

Lie_detector_test.jpgSpeaking of next time... If you've made it this far, then perhaps you wouldn't mind sharing some feedback. 

The Hampton Roads HUG is for YOU, and we're curious about how the HUG can be more helpful...


It's quick, (relatively) painless and your feedback is much appreciated!


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