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It's time for sales & marketing to get serious

Posted by Pete Humes

7/12/17 3:25 PM


"Smarketing" sounds like a silly, made-up word because it is.

But what it means? That's no joke.

Broadly defined, smarketing is "the process of integrating the sales and marketing processes of a business."


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Journalism Hacks for Creating More Effective Content - Part One: Cultivating Content Inspiration

Posted by Pete Humes

4/28/17 1:32 PM

tumblr_nnaphyvl9Q1utkx0jo1_1280.pngCreating content is hard work.

While the actual research and writing takes a mental toll, most of the blood, sweat and tears are spilled during the search for ideas. How many of us have stared at a blinking cursor on a blank page praying to the content marketing muse for some divine spark to get our fingers moving?

Let's not do that anymore.


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Binge-Watch Your Way to Inbound Marketing Mastery

Posted by Pete Humes

9/26/16 3:34 PM


We have a content problem.

It's called 'binge-watching' and it's reduced us all to slouched, couch-ridden consumers of make-believe. It seems that ever since the advent of streaming video, we've all forgotten how to pace ourselves.

We've become addicted to empty entertainment calories

We squander scads of spare time without giving it a second thought. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it may be time for an Inbound Intervention.


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